Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day 11/11/2010

As a Veteran, I cannot allow this day to pass without recognition. I was drafted during the Korean war and served my two years proudly and willingly. There was never a thought of not serving by me or my friends. Being raised during WWII we had excellent examples to follow.
My father served in WWI and my brother-in-law saw real action in WWII New Guinea. He enlisted 12/08/1941. He was my boyhood hero.

To all who served I say job well done, I appreciate your service and devotion to our country.
Thank you all.



  1. I agree with you Bill God bless all our serving personnel who are defending our countries and our freedom ~ Ally x

  2. Same to you Bill, Thanks for honorable servie to our country. Tis a grand old Flag we served!

  3. thank you for your service.


  4. Well done to you, Bill, for service rendered all those years ago.

  5. Thank YOU for your service Bill ~ I have my freedom today because of brave men & women like yourself and saying Thank you hardly seems enough.

  6. I applaud ALL the men and women who have given part of their lives to serve our country!!! Hat's off to you Bill.

    I was just reading some of your prior post. Wow... that leg injury was nasty!! I sure hope you're doing better.