Sunday, November 14, 2010

Update Sunday 11/14/2010

I left off last week on Monday and I had a visit to the doctor on Tuesday. He was pleased at how the wound was healing and teased me about being cold. He said the reason I was cold  was because I was inactive, guess so since he cut me up so badly, thin which I admit since I weigh the same as I did when I got my driver's license at 16 years of age. I told him he must always be warm since he is over 300 pounds and has a waist, I estimate his at 50 +- inches. Lastly he said I was old. Not much I can do about that.
There seems to something wanting about his bed side manner. As I said before he is a great doctor and I have know him for 25 years and consider him competent and a friend.
He discussed three different skin graphs and I selected door # 2 which is using skin donated and grown from, would you believe, foreskin from infants circumcisions. # 1 was using my skin and I rejected that since it involved another operation and I did not want to press my luck. # 3 was pig skin and the other option was to let it heal on its own, # 1 was one month to heal and the others were a month more each. He will doing this next Tuesday in the Wound Center at the hospital. Based on two months I called the golf course and scheduled a tee time for January 1, 2011. The pro said if I showed up the round would be on him, not often you get to play for nothing so I will be there.

Had a visit from the Home Care nurse on Thursday and Saturday. She said it was looking good also. Measured the length at 7 centimeters which was down from 10 when she first saw it.  

Thanks for you comment and wishes, throw in a few prayers for next Tuesday. I believe they work, Bill                                                                                           



  1. Glad the Doctor is pleased with your progress ~ I am pleased they are taking good care of you ~ and I will say a little prayer for you for next Tuesday ~ Ally x

  2. Heal up quick and get that free round of golf

  3. Keeping you in my prayers! Good Luck Tuesday!

  4. watch out for that duck hook
    after you had mentioned that
    I asked my John what it was
    he has the opposite problem
    with the slice

  5. Good to hear you continue mending. How's the missus doing having you underfoot everyday? Take care...Linda in cold, rainy & windy Washington

  6. I'm sure the graft will work well. I'm so glad the wound is shrinking, and I'm sure you'll make that tee-time.