Monday, November 8, 2010

My Recovery Third Week

I will try to get this up date done over the next day or so.
My purpose in posting this much detail  is that I will be able to refer  my friends, neighbors and on line acquaintances, who are always asking me how I did it and how is my recovery progressing? A little URL link will save me a lot of time. It is will also be a history of the events.

I also want to do this to show how stupid I was in not seeking treatment earlier and what resulted. Maybe I can persuade at least one person to act more quickly and go to the ER if they suffer an injury of this nature.

That is my purpose, not looking for sympathy or pity since I have gotten enough already and appreciated  them but now must move on.

Alert and or warning, this post may contain some nasty looking pictures but i think they show the size, shape and depth of the surgery that was necessary. View at your own risk. .

OK, to get the dates recorded, I fell on 9/20 , went to ER on 10/11 operated on that evening, discharged on 11/14 and went home, 11/19 received a vacuum suction machine which was placed on my leg to drain the blood and fluid from the wound. It was plug in and portable
and only weighs 5 pounds or so, with a six foot cord and drain tube to collect the fluid. I had it on 24 hours a day and it was not really a problem but had to be careful to not trip on the hose or wires on the plug.
Here is a picture of the highly technical, user easy, touch screen, with lots of warnings, alarms, guides, recording and beepers.  It purpose is to suck up the fluid from my wound and increase the rate of healing. I was able to get around with it attached and had no problem sleeping hooked up. 
These are two pictures, taken by me, of my wound just after surgery, normal focus then a close up. Ugly isn't it. My first home care nurse said it looked like a work of art. What a morbid sense of humor she has.

Now we have a nice neat, clean bandage, applied by, me unaided, on the day between Home Care nursing visits. The bandage did not show up for me.The last view is out of my bedroom window and shows the view of the golf course that I have when I sit at my desk and look out the window. I often look at and think a about my next round in early March.

I have a Doctor's appointmenr tomorrow morning and will update in a few days.
That's about it for now, it took me three days to complete this and if I lose it don't ever look for another post from me.
I think I have mastered using Picasa to get pictures on my blog. Jack have you used that? Email me if you need help on it. It uploads to the blog in seconds.
Thank you all who have commented on my last two or three blogs, nice to see someone reads it. I guess I would still blog even if no one commented. I have an idea I will present another day about comments or the lack there of.

Want to say a special hello and to Linda and Ho is they manage to get to this blog. They are my Slingo friends.

Sorry about the repeat of ny lunch bag. Guess I have not really mastered Picasa.


  1. Thanks for the update Bill. Sure sorry for the discomfort and problems. Hope all is on the mend, but those are some ugly shots, that is for sure.
    Take care now, we are still in Mississippi heading for Florida in a couple days.

  2. Yikes Bill...hope the doctors can get this under control soon! That must be very painful! Ouchie!
    Linda in rainy cold Washington state

  3. Just Plain Bill...EXPOSED!

    talk about being on a short leash

    the window shows your optimism

    praying for your continued healing

  4. Dear Bill just catching up with you ~ I do hope things are going well with you ~ and that wound is healing well ~ Ally x