Thursday, October 7, 2010

My trip

Maybe this would be better titled called "My Slip" since I did not trip but surely did slip.

I mentioned last week in my 30 Days meme that I had an accident on Monday, 9/27/2010.

I decided that I should record for posterity the results of my fall.

I had just finished rehanging the curtains in our master bathroom and was climbing out of the hot tub. The sole of my shoe was wet and when I put my right foot on the tile floor it slipped out from under me. I fell forward to the floor and somehow my left leg, above the knee,  got caught in and twisted under the water spout.

The Hot Tub
The next few pictures, I took on Thursday of last week, show the damage inflicted.  Only a little bleeding which I covered with a couple of small bandaids. The right leg suffered no damage.

 My left leg

It looks a lot worse than I think it is. I walked with a limp for two days, applied ice at first and then used a heating pad for about a week.
The pain was minimal and I did not suffer or lose any sleep. Highly recommend Advil.
The swelling has been going down and the bruises still show but are  fading. The lump was originally the size of a half of a grapefruit and by today is down to half on orange. I will give you another report in a couple of weeks and show more pictures of my skinny legs.                                     

Still no pain, of any significance, today as it has been since the accident. I have looked up local Sports Medicine physician and just may call tomorrow for an appointment.

Here is a picture of the curtain or drape that I was hanging. As you can see it was not a major task.
The drape


  1. be well! that looks painful. I hate going to the dr but that would probably make me want to visit.


  2. WOW what a bruise!!!
    That was quite a slip!
    Hope there are no long lasting effects.

  3. Hope you recover very soon, Bill, that looks nasty. Advil is indeed the thing for swelling and bruising.

  4. Bill!!! That looks pretty bad... I'm SO glad you aren't in any real pain!! I hope it heals fast and well... you are a strong man. Take Care of YOU!! And BE CAREFUL!! = )

  5. My goodness, that looks horrible! I hope it is a lot better now, and I'm so glad you didn't hurt yourself worse than that!