Friday, October 22, 2010

My Injury

Well I never thought my wife would tell me that I should go on line and let people know I am still alive. We should all have a family member go on line and let us know when someone dies or whatever their reason for not blogging. I often wonder, as I am sure you do, what happened to some bloggers when they stop posting blogs.

Well my story is that the injury that I posted about a couple of weeks ago finally go to bad that I actually went to the ER to see what they could do. Turns out that I was admitted, operated on and spent three days in patient. It was a lot worse than I expected and I am probably lucky that I will not lose my leg. That's the worse of it but the Docs are telling me I will be fine again in time and the optimist that I am I am sure they are right.

That makes a long story short and my advice that when anybody tell you to go to the ER after any thing happens, GO !!!

Best of everything to my online  friends. I have missed you. I will try to give you weekly update.



  1. Wow, now I hope you will continue on the mend. By the way, I got the CD in the mail, should be in your mail monday. Also hope it works.

    Take care.

  2. i am so glad you got it checked out. the world is a much better place with you in it!


  3. Oh wow Bill...sorry to hear that you had an accident bad enough to end up in the hospital. That's not a fun place to be. I hope you have a speedy recovery, remember golf season is about 5-6 months from now. Linda in Washington

  4. Bill how good that you decided to go to ER ~ it is good to know they are taking care of you ~ Ally x

  5. holy To-le-do!

    get well soon, Bill

  6. So you're still alive are you? I hope this means that you might post an entry more often.

  7. I have wondered about you Bill! Thanks for letting us know (and thank you wife!), and I'm glad that you went to the ER and they got you taken care of. That is scary that it was so serious, but I'm sure that now you are going to be just fine too. Please keep us updated.

  8. Hello Bill, A lot of people like myself are glad that you are still alive and kicking. I hope that you are doing a little bit better. I will try to comment more. You would be missed if we didn't hear from you. Do thank your wife for us. How is she doing by the way ? Take care Bill.