Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Still on the mend and each day my wound and I look and feel better.

My wife and I have trouble sharing a room together for more than ten minutes, She thinks I am a baby and want to be pampered.

Jack on his Ship Log blog, again brought memories back for me,

What with news paper masks.We used a balloon for a mold for the face mask. I was often or maybe always a Bum. We also smeared our faces and hands with black soot top it off with my Dad's old hats.

My grand children are going out in beautiful costumes at a cost over over $150. Our outfits cost $.00. I hope they will have as much fun as I did but unfortunately they probably won't. They of course are spoiled rotten by parents who can afford to do it. How times have changed over the last 80 years. Wow !

Here is a song I use to sing before I realized it cut into my candy collecting.

Well that wasn't the one I wanted. I was only one yearwhen that movie came out. We used to go to the movies, only on Saturdays , where admission was only a dime.

Let me try again. Cant' find it but as I recall it went something like this.

Alleluia, I am a bum,
Alleluia, , bum again
Alleluia, give me a handout and I revive you again

One day I went to a house and knocked on the door
A man opened the door and said "Bum, Bum, you been here before.

Repeat chorus

And there were three other verses.

My father had a old record, one sided, of this song, that I think belonged to his father and was played on an old RCA Victrola windup player with the big horn for speakers.

Yes Jack you brought memories and something to do for the last hour. I don't know how you daily poster do it every day. But I do enjoy reading them . Thank you all.

Happy Halloween


  1. Bill you beat all, yeah we had a lot of fun at zero cost and the fun of making the costumes. I loved this entry Bill, you also brought back memories. Thanks. Glad you are healing.

  2. glad to know the injury is on the mend. we used the thrift store for our costumes and spend less than ten bucks between the two of us.


  3. Oh my gosh Bill!!!!!!!!!! I am catching up on your blog and geesh, your leg looks just awful in the pictures! Sorry to hear you have been through so much but happy you are now on the mend. Keep getting better & stronger! Yes, I too wonder what happens to people who stop blogging and agree that it would be nice for a family member to let people know if they pass or take ill.
    Take good care Bill - nice to see you blogging again.

  4. I'm glad you are healing.
    Happy Halloween!

  5. A late Happy Halloween wish, Bill (thank you for yours) - wishing you well for your continued recovery.


  6. Hey Bill, yes I have been reading your blog and I have been meaning to leave you a comment. Its always nice to come and read your blog. I am going to root for the Tampa Bay team tomorrow. I am a New Orleans Saints fan however. Thanks foe visiting my blog. Drop in anytime. Do take care.

  7. Didn't Chevalier record "I'm a bum" or am I wrong.

    We burnt the end of a cork and wiped it on our faces to make us look like bums. But you had to have the ragged clothes to go with it. In my life that wasn't hard.