Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Still on the mend and each day my wound and I look and feel better.

My wife and I have trouble sharing a room together for more than ten minutes, She thinks I am a baby and want to be pampered.

Jack on his Ship Log blog, again brought memories back for me,

What with news paper masks.We used a balloon for a mold for the face mask. I was often or maybe always a Bum. We also smeared our faces and hands with black soot top it off with my Dad's old hats.

My grand children are going out in beautiful costumes at a cost over over $150. Our outfits cost $.00. I hope they will have as much fun as I did but unfortunately they probably won't. They of course are spoiled rotten by parents who can afford to do it. How times have changed over the last 80 years. Wow !

Here is a song I use to sing before I realized it cut into my candy collecting.

Well that wasn't the one I wanted. I was only one yearwhen that movie came out. We used to go to the movies, only on Saturdays , where admission was only a dime.

Let me try again. Cant' find it but as I recall it went something like this.

Alleluia, I am a bum,
Alleluia, , bum again
Alleluia, give me a handout and I revive you again

One day I went to a house and knocked on the door
A man opened the door and said "Bum, Bum, you been here before.

Repeat chorus

And there were three other verses.

My father had a old record, one sided, of this song, that I think belonged to his father and was played on an old RCA Victrola windup player with the big horn for speakers.

Yes Jack you brought memories and something to do for the last hour. I don't know how you daily poster do it every day. But I do enjoy reading them . Thank you all.

Happy Halloween

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Injury

Well I never thought my wife would tell me that I should go on line and let people know I am still alive. We should all have a family member go on line and let us know when someone dies or whatever their reason for not blogging. I often wonder, as I am sure you do, what happened to some bloggers when they stop posting blogs.

Well my story is that the injury that I posted about a couple of weeks ago finally go to bad that I actually went to the ER to see what they could do. Turns out that I was admitted, operated on and spent three days in patient. It was a lot worse than I expected and I am probably lucky that I will not lose my leg. That's the worse of it but the Docs are telling me I will be fine again in time and the optimist that I am I am sure they are right.

That makes a long story short and my advice that when anybody tell you to go to the ER after any thing happens, GO !!!

Best of everything to my online  friends. I have missed you. I will try to give you weekly update.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

My trip

Maybe this would be better titled called "My Slip" since I did not trip but surely did slip.

I mentioned last week in my 30 Days meme that I had an accident on Monday, 9/27/2010.

I decided that I should record for posterity the results of my fall.

I had just finished rehanging the curtains in our master bathroom and was climbing out of the hot tub. The sole of my shoe was wet and when I put my right foot on the tile floor it slipped out from under me. I fell forward to the floor and somehow my left leg, above the knee,  got caught in and twisted under the water spout.

The Hot Tub
The next few pictures, I took on Thursday of last week, show the damage inflicted.  Only a little bleeding which I covered with a couple of small bandaids. The right leg suffered no damage.

 My left leg

It looks a lot worse than I think it is. I walked with a limp for two days, applied ice at first and then used a heating pad for about a week.
The pain was minimal and I did not suffer or lose any sleep. Highly recommend Advil.
The swelling has been going down and the bruises still show but are  fading. The lump was originally the size of a half of a grapefruit and by today is down to half on orange. I will give you another report in a couple of weeks and show more pictures of my skinny legs.                                     

Still no pain, of any significance, today as it has been since the accident. I have looked up local Sports Medicine physician and just may call tomorrow for an appointment.

Here is a picture of the curtain or drape that I was hanging. As you can see it was not a major task.
The drape

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 30 – One last moment

That's it! My last post and my last moment.

I will take this moment to thank you all who have suffered with me and  read my post and even took the time to comments.

Hope I have not bored you too much. It took a real effort on my part to do this and I now have a better realization of what it takes to post a blog on a daily basis.

Rest assured I will not be a daily poster but will endeavor to post more frequently than I have in the past.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 29 – Your aspirations

Out of aspirations, for myself, at this point in my life.

My aspirations are now for my three sons, a daughter and four grandchildren, that they may have a life longer and better than mine. They are well on their way and i am sure they will continue.

My life is considered to be successful by most people and I have enjoyed it.  Looking forward to my 80 th birthday.