Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 6 - Your Day

 Being retired for sixteen years I have a very routine day which usually begins at 3 or 4 AM when I have to go to the bathroom With my prostate problem some nights I get up as much as five times. I have lived with it for ten years and had  biopsy then which proved negative. I read that very few die from it so i have chosen to ignore it

I wake up and get out of bed. when I feel rested, somewhere between 6:15 and 9:30 AM.
Wash, dress, shave if needed and have my coffee, take the dog out and pick up the paper. Spend the first hour doing the cryptogram, cross word puzzle, jumble, the other one where you form word using the letters in a given word, I think that is called Scramble,  and finally the Sudoku. It is rare when i cannot complete the crypto, maybe three times  a year, and the jumble 90 % cross word 95%, Scramble 95%. The Sudoku. I have not mastered, even though I spent my career as an  accountant.
 Get my bagel and coffee and finish the paper while watching  Regis and Kelly and Rachael Rae on TV. Got to make sure Rae puts her garlic in every dish.
Retreat to the bed room, make my bed, and turn on the computer. Read email first and respond if I feel it is necessary. Then pick up another daily cryptogram to do and a cross word puzzle. Next comes the message boards that I faithfully read and comment on and then the eighty or so blogs that I read and sometimes even comment on. Then check face book and twitter. I spend at least 2 hours, or more, a day with this routine. I then may play an hour or two of Slingo to which I am addicted.
Then I pick up my Kindle Ebook and read for another two hours or so.Evening news and then dinner. I eat whatever the dear wife puts on the table and never complain. 
Then it is back to the computer to explore and follow up on everything. At 9 PM, I get my beer and peanut butter crackers.
Another hour of playing Slingo and then to bed to read until I drop off to sleep usually an hour or so.
Sleep good, most of the night, on my left side and do not move all night unless I get the bathroom call.
This is normal routine only deviation is when I play golf at 7 AM or when we visit or baby sit the grand children. Sundays I do go to church and weekends do vary somewhat.
I do have my "Honey Do" list which sometimes interferes.

When I retired I realized that every night is like a Friday and every day is a Saturday and I decided to go with the flow and enjoy. I hope you all will get to try it and I think you will like it.


  1. I'm enjoying this. Keep it up.

  2. Okay Bill, fess up, YOU AIN'T RETIRED!!!!!!
    You are fooling us. I keep telling all these old folks you retired so you ccould sleep late.

    (Of course a few times on my 4am P time, I get someting on my mind and cannot go back to sleep.)

  3. I don't do all those puzzles that you do, but I agree when you're retired every night is Friday night & every day is Saturday. Most of the 25 years I worked at the hospital I had to be to work at 6:30 or 7am. So it was early to bed & up even before the 'early bird.' Now I'm a night person~I stay up late & sleep until I wake up. And I rarely make an apointment before noon. I never want to get up using an alarm clock again, if I don't have to.