Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 4 - What you ate today.

This will be an easy one. For the last ten years or so I do not have much of an appetite.
Every morning starts the same with a cup of coffee with cream and sugar, six packets or three heaping spoonfuls. Hour or so later another coffee and a bagel, either onion, raisin to sesame seed, slathereed with Philadelphia Cream cheese. Generally skip lunch but once in a while I will have a heaping bowl of Rice Krispies with lots of sugar on top.
Today for dinner we had a salad and baby spare ribs, one of my favorites. I ate about ten of them. Sides of cole slaw and potato salad, left over from our Labor Day picnic, which we celebrated yesterday. Dessert was hot apple pie ala mode and of course coffee.
Forgot I had a Manhattan, before dinner, a good double as usual. Use to have one every day but now am restricted, by my wife, to Sundays and holidays.
I also munch on pretzels, five or six, before dinner every night.
Normal weekday meals now are quick and fast since "I do not enjoy my wife excellent cooking." to quote her. Yes, she is a very good cook and for years it was a sit down affair for the six of us with grace before meals. As the kids got older and married it was Sunday dinner for all at our house. Now with the grand children we eat at one of  our kids house's on Sunday with Mom generally bringing  the full meal.
She cooks Italian, German, Irish and American No garlic or sauer kraut.
I finish off every without fail with a can of Budweiser beer and five cracker sandwiches with a lump of peanut butter, crunchy which I have  at 9 PM.
Could not sleep without that night cap.
Food is not really high on my list of things I enjoy.
Had a nice weekend and enjoyed the holiday and I hope you did also.

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  1. Hey Bill. That sounds like good eating to me. I do wish I could lose part of my appetite. Glad your wife is a good cook and doesn't mind. She must be something else to take a meal every Sunday.
    You are a lucky guy.
    Take care,
    jack & Sherry in Utah right now.