Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 3 - Your Parents

I believe on the Day -1 Introduction I spoke of my parents. Did not realize there was special day for them. They certaibly deserve one as do the majority of parents. Mine were great, down to earth, hardworking, loving people, religious, outgoing, etc. Mother was Irish and Father German and their parents were imigrants from the old country. Both were born in the late 1800's. To say they were old school is a big understatement.

  The more I write here the more I remember them and how we four were raised. I know now for certain they did a good job.  They have been dead almost  20 plus years ago I know it is trite to say but I will do so anyhow,  " I think of them every day."
They both died at the age of 72 years and 3 months plus or minus a few days. You can imagine what I did when I reached that age.

In response to people who tell me nice things about my own children,
I have often said, "The most important thing I ever did in my life was to raise my children." I use that also when I think it might be appropriate for younger couples.

Wonder what day 4 will bring. This so far has been easier and to my surprise an enjoyable task that makes me grateful for the life I have lived so far,



  1. A very good entry Bill. I like to hear someone recall their parents and their raising. And yes, I can imagine how you felt around the age of 72. I too outlived my Dad, but I thought of it when I passed his age.

  2. Lovely entry it was great to read about your parents ~ Ally x