Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 25 – A first

How the heck can anyone respond to that. every time I did or do something for the first time I consider that a "first". If they want me to pick out my first "first" I would not know what that was since I was a new born at that time.

Oh, just thought of a first that made my Mother very proud at the time . I was the first in our extended family to graduate from college. She had gone back to work, at Wanamaker's cutting metal plates to be used as identification cards when shopping at the store. There were no credit cards at that time. As a result she was able to provide funds for my tuition, which I always say was about four thousand for the four years. Not sure of that but it was really cheap by today's standaards.                                          


  1. Good entry on Rirst. Wish I had graduated, my mom would have been proud that would have been a frist in our family!