Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 24 – Something that makes you cry

Growing up as a child and during my teenage and young adult years I was always able to keep the tears from flowing.

The first time I really cried was on my wedding day. Tears of joy, I suspect. What did I know at that time.

Somehow, years after that,  after that I began to get tears in my eyes at births, on seeing the newborns, funerals, weddings, sad stories on TV or in the movies or even in the newspapers or on the Internet and personal events of that nature. This has continued.

I have even cried when I saw our flag fly at various times and places.

I have even cried at some sunsets.

I never had a prolong spell of crying but I do tear up and it no longer makes me feel ashamed or embarrassed.

My most recent tears came when I recently watched this video.


Not sure why but I did.

I am now a old softie.      



  1. This is a good entry my friend. I too have teared up at some of the times you have mentioned. That I think is honorable!@!

  2. That was an amazing video, Bill. And it brought a tear of pride to this old lady's eyes. I live 1½ miles from the north end of Mc Chord Air Force Base's runway...so I have fly overs almost on a daily basis. The sound of freedom! I've always been very emotional...and can tear up at the drop of a hat. That's a good sign, I think. So many are afraid to show emotion. Linda in Washington