Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 2 - My first love

Hard to remember back that far but it was when I was in grammar school, probably 1943, and her name was Elizabeth (Liz) Mullen. A cute Irish lass with a great smile. I was smitten by her.

I asked her to go the Sunday afternoon movie. Admission was ten cents, each, and the package of Good and Plenty, three cents, was shared. I was a big spender, back then. I delivered newspapers at three cents a day and a nickle was a big tip on collection day. Forgot the name of the movie since I only had eyes for her.
Love did not last long, I think her Mother wanted her dates to have a better job.

Can't believe I remembered her name.


  1. Hurray for you. I am a few years younger than youand I cannot remember a 'first love'. Glad you remembered.