Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 13 – This week

Well now that is an interesting topic.
Do they mean this past week or the up coming week. I would rather forecast a nice week with three rounds of golf and no "Honey Do's" but I guess I have to try to fill you in on the past week.

It was a bummer. Wife had me on the "Honey Do" list. It is Fall Cleaning time and spent four days, four hours each day, on my assigned tasks. That includes washing and cleaning the blinds and windows inside and out, we only have thirteen windows, wiping down all wood work and doors. Dusting the walls and ceiling, cleaning the two and a half bathrooms. Dusting and polishing furniture. also had to strip my computer desk top and bottom, dust and align the cords and power supplies and knickknacks that I have accumulated over the years. Dusting, arranging, and packing up some of the thirty five books on or in my bookcase. I read thirty five books since the last cleanup. Lot of knickknacks there also along with my golf ball collection, that rack that holds the ball is difficult to get dust free.

Spent quite a few hours working on my sons six year old computer. Formatted the hard drive and loaded Win 7. Tried to get on line to update Windows and IE and load the programs they want for the kids, a six year old boy and a four old girl. Can't get online with my DSL and am now working with Verizon and Hewlett Packard  for service help. it is difficult on the phone what with the "outsourced" assistance they both use.

Went to church on Sunday and did not golf all week. Baby sat one day with other grand children. Today we had a visit from my nephew and wife from Detroit that we have not seen in ten years. It was fun catching up with them.

Probably a few more things that I forgot but I am as bored as you probably are if you have read this to this point.

Now wasn't that an exciting week? Probably not, but I enjoyed it and I am still exhausted. Hope you all had a better one.


  1. Bill, how and/or why did you ever commit to doing this? It is crazy and not your normal online approach.

  2. U B a bizzy guy for an older retiree. I am tired just reading your week. Of course the welcome visit of kin is a good break.

  3. well, now that you've got your windows, etc done you can come & do mine. My mini blinds need cleaning real bad. Hope you get to do some golfing before Old Man Winter shows up. Linda in Washington

  4. I can honestly say I was not in the least bit bored reading your entry ~ I just wanted to ask if you could spare some time and come here ~ there is still a lot left to do :O) ~ Ally x