Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 12 – What’s in your bag

Well, now I get it. At last! I should have read all of this list of the days before I started to do them. I see now it is for women. What with the "what I wore yesterday" and now this one. See I am not stupid or gullible, it just takes me more time than most to catch on.

If I was to tell you my first thought about what is in my bag I would probably be banned from Google for life.

Thankfully for you and me I just remembered my Golf Bag. It has contains fourteen clubs, a dozen or so balls, tees, a retriever for swooping balls out of the water, paper and cloth towels, bug spray, two water bottles, ball markers, club head covers (one is an Eagle head), band aids, rubber bands. key chain with house and car keys, a few tags that hang on the bag from some of the classier golf courses that I have played.

There are probably a few things I left out of this list but I know I have no room for anything else in my bag. It now weighs more than I can comfortably lift. Thank goodness I have a cart to put ti on so I do not have to carry it.

Wondering what tomorrow will bring? Have a nice day, we are having a one here. .

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