Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 07 – Your best friend

I have often said, that I only have two friends. One has died and I have not seen the other in five years.
Friend to me is a special relationship and even I know and like a lot of people there have been few that I have given that title to especially the best friend title.
Marty was my grammar and high school friend. Ed was my college friend, Bob was my Army friend. Then I married and for a period of at least twenty year my wife Kate was my friend.
Then I decided to again seek new friends and Frank, Neil, Ed joined my life.
Time went on and then I met Dan and from day one I considered him a friend and after seventeen years we are still friends. We have had at least a monthly lunch since we met and often more than that. He is my
golfing buddy when I can get him out to play. I really enjoy being with him and we have even taken cruises together, since his wife and mine do not feel up to traveling. I hope Dan and I will remain friends since when I am with him I am not the oldest person in the room. He is two years older than me. He also likes the same cocktail as I do.
Not sure at my age that I would seek out another "friend".

Well that finishes a week of posts wonder what tomorrow will bring.
 I do not think I ever did a daily post for a week since we all got to blogger.


  1. I have lots of 'best' friends!! LOL!! I LOVE spending time with my girlfriends, and do it OFTEN!! My son is 20 now, and doesn't give me much of his time anymore.... so I'm always glad my girls are there for me. = )

  2. i've really enjoyed reading your posts so far for the 30 days of just bill. thanks again for all your support over the years (hard to believe it's been that long....)



  3. Friends. many folk do not have a friend, they have acquaintenances. As you say a friend is something special. My daddy told me early, if you have one good friend, you will be blessed. I do and I am.

  4. Friends are great to have and we don't have many truly good friends. Nice that you have one to do things with. I used to post every day in our AOL journals but very seldom make an entry in my blog now. Helen