Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 05 – Your definition of love

This day stumps me. I will think about this afternoon and try to come up with a "definition". I think that word is my problem. So I will attempt to give some examples of love that I have seen or experienced
The hug and a kiss that I get from my grand children is my most recent experience of love. The youngest started it, Sunday, when we were leaving her house and to my surprise the other three joined in. I love them and it nice to see they can express their love without any bribes or threats.
I see my neighbor who is the sole caretaker of his ailing wife and when I see him I see love.
Puppy love or pet love is another type of love I enjoy seeing even though I am not into animals much anymore.
I have a very dear friend Dan who I have told him I love him and he responded in kind. We are more than friends and do and will do anything for each other and I think that expresses our love.
I see parents who obviously love their children and have no problem expessing it.
Love is giving, sharing, trusting, caring and a lot more like that.
Well I guess that is my definition of love, which I think covers my examples.
I like the expression "Love one and another"

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