Thursday, March 5, 2009

I am Happy

I am Happy, this does not happen too often.

I am sure everyone who reads this knows that I do not put up too many blogs. I do read a lot of them faithfully but seldom respond.

I reaalized a few days ago that I have been severly depressed. Not just because of the long winter that I hate but more because of a serious family problem that was out of control and beyond my solution. This problem has exsisted for over a year.

Reading the various journals I realize that we all have problems and all have been depressed wtih the weather. It goes with out saying that some of the journals have had a depressing effect on me also.

I tried to reapond to some journals today but was asked for my google name and password. This has not happened to me before. Guess what? I could not remember my password. I sure I can find it somwhere, but I decided that I like all of you wanted to share the good news to all!

That news is I am again Happy.

I am firmly convinced that Spring is here! I had been convinced that winter was never gone to end. I saw a pair robins the other day and that is easily three weeks early for this area We hit 45 todfay and will be getting to 70 on Sunday, that should melt our last snow. I call ed the golf course and I will hit the first tee at 8 AM on Monday. I have been dreaming, and thinking, for months that I would never be able to play golf again since I was sure I was going to die before Spring.

Now the best news of all is that the family problem has taken a turn for the better and in few months I am certain it will be resolved.

Prayers would help and some of you owe me a few.

Why do I feel so good about making this post. This blogging thing certainly is good for the soul and mind. I may do this more often.

Will be interesting to see how many of you will read this.

I fully expect comments from Tracy, Dawn, Linda, Dan, Marc, Tomato Dad and his son, DB, Guido, Missie, Traci, Kathy, Indigo, Helen and a few others who names slip my memory at this time, don't get offended if I did not mention you.. You do know I have "Oldtimers" disease? It just dawned on me that some of the blogs I read I do not know their real names.

That's it I will try to put a picture of our latest snow since I promised Helen I would "show her some real snow".

Well. it said my picture has been added. We will see. This was taken, through a screen, from my bedroom window where my computer is. On a earilier post I have the same view taken last summer. I am sure on Monday it will look more like that.

Love you all and keep posting I enjoy every journal. It is easy to see why this ia addicitive.

Now I see the darn picture it ended up top. Oh well.
I am going to publish because I went for another picture and thought I lost this.
Have good night, Bill


  1. (((( Bill ))) I'm so happy you are feeling better! I love the Spring--it's my favorite season. I'm glad the change of weather is giving you a better prespective and bringing you happiness! Hugs - Julie :)

  2. I can see that you have a lot more snow than we had. I hope it melts over the weekend so you can play golf once again. Getting out in warmer weather makes us feel lots better. Problems within a family can indeed make a person depressed especially during winter months. Makes a heaviness within our hearts that will just not go away.
    I had noticed that it had been a while since you had posted.
    I pray that things will work out for the good for everyone and once again your spirits will be lifted up high. I hope you get that warm sunshiny weekend.

  3. I am glad you are out of your funk...
    you probably don't know me but thats okay..I'm just a crazy navy wife living in Florida! oh and a golf widow too...:-)

  4. Bill, I am so glad that you are feeling happy again.. even better that your family problems are coming around to the good.. I am sending you prayers along with many, many hugs... I hope you can start enjoying your life again... and doing the things that make you happy... Spring is right around the has been a long winter.. Mother Nature has finally woken up...LOL...
    take care friend...

  5. Well Bill, you know I was very glad to see you post. When I saw your journal on my sidebar had a recent post I had to come right over and take a looksee. :) Now, I know you have read recently how down I get with the winter weather, so I am very glad to hear that you are happy again. I am getting happy again myself. It is the longer days, I know it. Did you know the time will be changing this weekend? That means from this weekend on out the daylight hours will be getting longer! That is really good news isnt it. Now I hear you are going to be going out golfing and I am smiling about that. You can't go and die on me, you got to much living left to do. I tell my Mama that Daddy doesnt ever have to worry about dying, he is gonna live forever, because he just has too much to do and is way to busy out in the garden and the yard to do that. ;) I am very happy for you that your family problem is beginning to take a turn for the better...that is really good news. Have fun on Monday, and afterwards you should come on back and tell us how you did. :) Love, Kelly

  6. Good to see your post, Bill, and it's also good to note that you're in high spirits. The winter can be challenging season, but I am pleased your family problem is heading for a resolution.


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  8. DB checking in Bill. Spring will happen, is hapening. We have to give winter it's March.

  9. Hey Bill,

    Its always nice to hear from you. It is getting around to Summertime. The weather in Atlanta, Georgia has been lovely simply lovely. I will be going out of town soon so I shared my news about it in my blog. I do hope you continue posting. Do keep smiling !!!!!!!

  10. Hi Bill this is hkjerry testing. Cool picture by the way.

  11. Jerry, the test worked. I read your comment. Do you think this might work as a message oard?
    Give me your thoughts.
    A member of the group could set up a notifiacation so that he would be posted when a new topic or response was postd. This is a open to the public blog but ours could be a private blog open only to those who are invited.

    The picture is from my bedroom window, over my left shoulder,where my computer is. Yes it is a golf course and I am looking forward to playing it again next week for the first time since October

  12. I don't know Bill, it might work but you know how some of our discussions get out of hand. I'm not easy to insult as a rule and have mostly overlooked most derogatory comments made toward me, but I have to admit I read even the worst of the posts.
    How do you set up a google account and what is the cost?

  13. Jerry I got an alert I had a comment and I accessed it.
    In reply to out of hand. We would only invite the whiter hats and not the black hats. You could only post if invited. If a whit hat turned black could perhaps vote hi off and he could be banned. Or we could let him stay by vote. I read all of our present post and use ignore on the black guys. We could establish our own rules and live by them or get out or be put out. For instance no personal attacks or racist comments. The first time you would get a suspension of one or two weeks and then come back in on invite. Three or more offenses in a short period, say a month. Would earn you a year off of the boards. A goggle is easy to set up just to goggle .com and look around. A bolg is a little more difficult but if I could it anyone could. Any other questions? I will also post this a comment on your comment in the same place. Have a good night and tomorrow the sun will shine I hope. Bill

  14. Glad things are going better for you these days. Being happy and with peace of mind is a great thing. Unfortunately in our life there are things which happen that disturb our happiness and peace. (Note: Read Dad's blog today about the little teacup).

    You know to tell us more about that new camcorder you bought recently. It sounds like a dandy. I don't have a camcorder, but my camerra does a fair job of making a few clips which I work with in Windows Movie Maker or Adobe Premier Elements.

    Take care!
    Tennessee Granddaddy

  15. That's wonderful to hear things have turned around for you. It seems things are turning around on my end too and that is helping me get out of my own little funk.

    I will keep you and your family in my prayers and would appreciate the same - while things are looking up, they aren't fully resolved. However, I THINK I see the light at the end of that tunnel.

    Have a blessed week!


  16. OK Bill, it's time for an update from you. With the warmer weather you should be getting more golf in. We have had some really warm days here but it's gonna get coolish by Wednesday morning so I am going to wait until after this cool spell to plant my few tomato plants and a couple of flowers. I don't want to have to get out and cover more than necessary and they are safe from frost under the porch for now. Helen

  17. I also don't like the winter. I am glad that finally the sun is coming to London.
    Kisses from London

  18. I just love the Spring The snow picture is lovely to look at only. Take care. Dawn

  19. Thank you for following mt blog

  20. Hi Bill. I'm glad to hear you're feeling HAPPY and more so, that things in the family has been turning for the better homewise.

    do keep writing, Bill. Sometimes that's our lifeline. The one thing that is keeping us sane.
    sorry if i sound depressive- oh NO! hope that didn't rub off on a HAPPY man!!

    If you have to come visit me, stay away from my sad blog REFLECTIONS. It's a grief journal. Come to my happy place at ONE DAY AT A TIME WITH SILVER!

    Whenever you're ready, Bill!


  21. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog! I'm so honored!!! I'm glad that you are happy again! I know what you were talking about too. Spring time just lifts my spirits. You can look around & just see new life coming forth every where.

    I hope you have a good golf game when you get back out there. Thanks again!

  22. Hey Bill,

    I thought I would come by and say hello. I do hope that all is well with you. I posted a picture of me in my journal if you want to see it. I do hope that you are having a nice weekend. Do take care Bill.


  23. ((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))Hi there,I am new to your Blog,cant remember whos BLog I waas reading when I saw yours.I know its hard during the winter times,I get very depressed durrin the winter also.I belive its hard to find happyness.But I am glad to see someone is happy.

  24. Hey Bill !!!!!

    Where are you these days ?? I hope you are doing well. I have missed hearing from you. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Do take care.

  25. Hi Bill, checking in again. Hot enough for you?

  26. Hey Bill ~ I was thinking of you the other day and decided to stop in and see how you are doing. I do hope things are going well for you. Hope you are holding up with the hot weather we've been having the past few weeks here in PA.

  27. Haven't heard from you in a long time! Linda in Washington state

  28. Bill... thinking of you!

    Please come back!

    be well...

  29. hello there bill! it's sugar sending you a happy thanksgiving wish from across the miles. it's winter again, hope you're handling it better this time. i, too have depression. clinical & seasonal. we'll get thru this bill, spring & sunny skies will show again in a few mos, just hang on. ;)

  30. Hey there, Bill
    I noticed that you are a new follower of our blog, so....welcome! I thought I'd come and pay a visit....AND say "HI!"
    It is really nice to see some older folk taking up the blogging hobby. It can be incredibly rewarding. Over the months I have found this community to be wonderfully supportive! So today, I say to you....We are so glad that you are happy! We're also glad that your family troubles are on the mend.
    It would be so nice if you could leave a comment occasionally on our blog...that way we get to know what our readers enjoy. If you don't want to 'sign in' (as you say), you can simply select the 'anonymous' button...and if you like, just sign off as "Bill"...that way we know that you have visited.
    Since you enjoy golf, I must tell you that SOUTH AFRICA has some of the best golfing facilities in the world. We have just completed the big golfing challenge at our own "Sun City" resort this past weekend.
    I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures in SOUTH AFRICA!
    Take care and 'look for the sunshine' helps to keep the depression at bay.

  31. Happy New Year Bill....I hope 2010 is good to you.

  32. Dear Bill,

    I am so glad you are feeling better AND that you could reach out and tell everyone. Nothing like old Mr. Sun to wake us all up out of our winter funk. Keep God close and the rest of us will stay inspired.

  33. Ok Bill, snow must be gone now. Now that you are happy again, it's time for an entry! Dawn

  34. I just came over to see how it was, or is it later tonight? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaah

    Enjoyed the comment, I think my wife enjoyed it even more. Thanks for stopping by the shipslog. I know the readers will get a kick out of it!

  35. Bill I am glad everything is working out for you I will of course keep you in my Thouths and Prayers ~ Ally x