Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I am Happy

I am Happy, this does not happen too often.

I am sure everyone who reads this knows that I do not put up too many blogs. I do read a lot of them faithfully but seldom respond.

I reaalized a few days ago that I have been severly depressed. Not just because of the long winter that I hate but more because of a serious family problem that was out of control and beyond my solution. This problem has exsisted for over a year.

Reading the various journals I realize that we all have problems and all have been depressed wtih the weather. It goes with out saying that some of the journals have had a depressing effect on me also.

I tried to reapond to some journals today but was asked for my google name and password. This has not happened to me before. Guess what? I could not remember my password. I sure I can find it somwhere, but I decided that I like all of you wanted to share the good news to all!

That news is I am again Happy.

I am firmly convinced that Spring is here! I had been convinced that winter was never gone to end. I saw a pair robins the other day and that is easily three weeks early for this area We hit 45 todfay and will be getting to 70 on Sunday, that should melt our last snow. I call ed the golf course and I will hit the first tee at 8 AM on Monday. I have been dreaming, and thinking, for months that I would never be able to play golf again since I was sure I was going to die before Spring.

Now the best news of all is that the family problem has taken a turn for the better and in few months I am certain it will be resolved.

Prayers would help and some of you owe me a few.

Why do I feel so good about making this post. This blogging thing certainly is good for the soul and mind. I may do this more often.

Will be interesting to see how many of you will read this.

I fully expect comments from Tracy, Dawn, Linda, Dan, Marc, Tomato Dad and his son, DB, Guido, Missie, Traci, Kathy, Indigo, Helen and a few others who names slip my memory at this time, don't get offended if I did not mention you.. You do know I have "Oldtimers" disease? It just dawned on me that some of the blogs I read I do not know their real names.

That's it I will try to put a picture of our latest snow since I promised Helen I would "show her some real snow".

Well. it said my picture has been added. We will see. This was taken, through a screen, from my bedroom window where my computer is. On a earilier post I have the same view taken last summer. I am sure on Monday it will look more like that.

Love you all and keep posting I enjoy every journal. It is easy to see why this ia addicitive.

Now I see the darn picture it ended up top. Oh well.
I am going to publish because I went for another picture and thought I lost this.
Have good night, Bill