Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Missed two shots

Missed two shots. In the one above the golfer is off the green by about 50 yards and 100 feet up. He made a bogey on the hole. It was the 18 th.

Below is the sunset off of Hilton Head Island. Lots of nice scenery down that way. Bill

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  1. Am I seeing this correctly, the man looks like he is in the water!! That is most likely how I would be if I were to try golfing.

    The sunset pic is gorgeous - looks so peaceful & serene.

  2. Love the pictures Bill! Especially the last one. Linda in Washington

  3. Hi Bill,
    I love to hear from other folks who are happy in their retirement. I have been retried from Chrysler-Kenosha, WI for about 5 years now,and man am I ever busier that ever before. but it's nice to just lay in bed until 0900 or get up early and get the chores done! I am also a Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70, and have an on-line Journal that I share with the public. Ihope you stop by soon and comment.

    Warm Regards,

  4. Great photos. You sound like my husband. He loves his golf too. Enjoy. Dawn

  5. Hey Bill!! You must of gotten a new blog! I'm following you now! :) I hope you had a good Thanksgiving!! Julie :)

  6. If that was me, I'm pretty sure I'd be swimming out to that buoy to retrieve my ball.

    I'd still love it, though. Those are two great pictures, and that second one just makes my heart ache to see the sun without the fear of frostbite.