Sunday, November 2, 2008


At last you get to see me. Now what do you think of this old man? He is still in 7 th heaven since the Phillies won the World Series.


  1. HI!........nice to meet you!..........FRAN

  2. Hi Bill, I've added myself to your list of "Followers." I wonder if we'll ever find everybody we used to follow? I haven't started posting about our latest trip yet. I'm still going thru the mail that piled up and the bags of stuff that were brought in from the RV and dumped all over the living room floor. I need another vacation to rest up after catching up after this last one. Take care, Linda in WA

  3. Was there a World Series this year??
    OK, You win.
    Regards, Bill

  4. The Phillies won... are you sure? I was so certain the Rockies would get it this time. Oh well, enjoy it while you can... the Rockies will bounce back next year... (I can dream, can't I?)

  5. I was all for the Phillies too (and I live in Florida!)
    Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment for Donna this evening!

  6. Hi Bill. The Phillies won. I'm a Yankee fan from my youth, but since I now live near Philadelphia I couln't help being snatched up in the frenzy.