Thursday, July 3, 2008

At the request

At the request of a number of Jlanders whose journals I read and comment on I have decided to put another entry on my journal.

Being in my thirteenth year of my retirement I really live and enjoy a very quiet un eventual life.

My wife, children and grandchildren all do their best to keep me active and entertained and they do it well. I enjoy my mornings reading the paper from back to front starting with the cryptogram, crossword puzzle and the jumble. I always complete the crypto and about ninety-five percent of the crossword. That takes me to noon when I go to my computer and read about thirty or forty journals and comment on five or six. Then I do an online cryptogram and complete about ninety-eight percent of them. On to a jig saw puzzle. Then to my message boards AOL Golf and The Golf Channel Discussion Board. Time for dinner and maybe a cocktail. Them back to the computer to catch up and then play an hour of Slingo. Then if I have time I will play some Tiger Woods' golf. By 10 PM O am in bed and read for an hour or two and then sleep soundly for eight plus hours.

Now isn't that exciting? See why I rarely do a journal. I am not bored but I sure you would be if I told you what I did with my day.

Only exercise I get is a weekly round of golf, usually playing alone, and the few "honey do" chores that my wife requests. I enjoy golfing even though I am not very good at it. Most fun I have on the course is when I play with either of my sons or my good friend Dan.

Couple of times a week and every weekend we visit our children and their kids who are the joys of my life.

Living on a golf course with an association most of the chores outdoors like grass cutting, shrubbery trimming and painting are the responsibility of the organization.

I do take digital pictures and videos mostly of the grand kids. Take a trip or mostly a cruise every two years and visit my son in SC a couple of times a year.

Will try to add a picture of the new bridge in Charleston, SC that I took from the boat that was taking us to Ft. Sumtner in the spring of this year. I think it is one of my better photos. It got added but it is up the top ^.

Well that it for now I probably won't have another entry for anothe six months.

Hope you all have a Happy Fourth of July and enjoy the day and fireworks.


  1. I bet you could post an entry once a week and we'd be thrilled to hear from you. You could tell stories about your life, your former job(s) how you met your wife, brag about your kids & grandkids.....there's all sorts of things you could write about. You could leave out names and still make it interesting.  Good to hear from you Bill...when's your next cruise?
    Linda in WA

  2. I agree Bill.  You life sounds very much the same as mine - except I only leave the house to go for medical appointments and so I am more restricted that you are.  However, I have kept my journal going for almost four years.  I wrote stories about my childhood, my Grandmother and her house (that took about four or five entires on Gran alone). I have written about my parents, my researching the family tree. I have posted poetry, ghost stories, I have promoted other blogs.  Now I write about my grandchildren and as they grow and develop I will have funny stories to add.  I have written about the garden, improvements to the house etc. etc.  There is always something you can write about even if it is only the weather.  Oh yes, I wrote about how I met hubby and some stories of my working life.

    Any posting from you is very welcome.

  3. P.S. You can always tell us something about our neighbourhood and the part of the country that you live in.

  4. Happy 4th  Keep Safe


  5. Bill, your life seems nice and calm. I like nice and calm. You would be amazed at how inspiring such a content life can be. Look at Ray White...over on Dads Tomato Garden. Do you ever visit his journal? He has the best morning time journal, and it is not complex, it is quite simple and I just love it. Thankyou for posting about things. I learned a lot about you today! I didnt know a whole lot, but now I do know more. If you just post once a week, that would make me smile, more than once a week, would be even better. :) Love, Kelly

  6. How did I miss this entry???  I love the picture... do you live near the bridge?  Cool!

    be well,

  7. I had no idea that you had posted new entries! You are an interesting person, Bill, and I'm glad that you decided to share. I love doing crossword puzzles, but I'm not as good at is ayou are, I usually complete about 75% of the Sunday puzzle before I give up. I like the bridge picture; it's so serene.--Sheria

  8. I love your typos Bill. "An Uneventual Life" is very poetic.

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