Friday, January 18, 2008


Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to complete Pumpkin's Meme!

Here it is: (no answers filled in because she already knows mine!)

(By the way, her favorite color is purple)

Pumpkin's Meme - Who are you?

1.   What is your name? Bill
2.   How old are you?  77 would you believe I have underwear older than you.
3.   Where are you from? Outside of Philadelphia the City of Brotherly Love

4.   Do you smoke? Yes, sorry to say
5.   Do you drink? Yes at least a can of beer every night It helps me sleep
6.   Do you have a family? Yes, Three sons and a daughter a wife and four graandchildren, The joy of my life Please explain, if yes.
7.   What are your hobbies? Golf, reading and this stupid computer
8.   What is your favorite ice cream? Rarely eat it but like vanilla on my pies.
9.   What is your favorite animal? Muskrats
10.  Do you wear glasses? Yes to read up close
11.  What nationality are your ancestors from? German and Irish
12.  What color is your hair? Gray
13.  What are you wearing now? Pajamas, going to bed after i finish this and read for an hour or so.
14.  What is your favorite color? Blue
15.  What teacher do you remember most from your childhood? Sister Francella 7 th grade
16.  What are your pets and their names? Toy Poodle Samantha, we call her Sam
17.  What is your favorite food? Oysters raw, steamed, fried or in a stew
18.  What is your job? Been retired 13 years my job now is to keep my wife happy and ahead of her with the chores

So, there you have it!  Inquiring 10 year olds want to know.  And, so do the boys.  lol 

OK Pumpkin now you have my answers. Let me know how the results of the survey come out. Bill





Saturday, January 5, 2008

Would like to add this to my side bar but could not find the way to do it.

I miss Kim and her wonderful sense of humor and strength. Bill