Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pumpkin's Meme

Pumpkin, never did one of these but what the heck since you Mom asked and you are such a good girl I had to do this. Bill


1   What's your favorite movie???

Saving Private Ryan

2    What's your favorite color???

Blessed Mother Blue

3    What's your favorite ice cream flavor???


4    Where do you want to go on vacation??

Around the world on a cruise four to six months.

5    What's your favorite animal???


6    What's your favorite T.V. show???

Golf on the golf channel 

7    What's your fav. drink???

Manhattans or a Gin and Tonic when it is hot

8    What's your favorite flower???

Day lillies

9    What is your favorite pet???

Had ten digs in my lifetime but the one I have now is not my favorite.

10   What's your favorite book???

Whatever one I am reading at the time. Never met a book I did not like or finish.


  1. Bill,

    Thank you for doing my meme.  I love cruises and Pandas!  I guess those are alcoholic drinks... do you drink non-alcohol things too?

    Love, Pumpkin

    Bill - I always have your journal on alerts... won't miss a thing!  Thank you for doing the meme for my Pumpkin!

    be well,

  2. <<do you drink non-alcohol things too?<<

    There are drinks with out alcohol? Never knew that. Bill

  3. Yep im going into the eighth grade i just registered today and yep and Alaska was a great trip i know i travel alot with my family anyway thanks so much for stopping by and have a good rest of the evening


  4. Around the world cruise soundes wonderful.  Tell us more.      Dawn

  5. Did you know I didn't know you had a blog? "JustPlainBill" was not in blue, so nothing happened when I clicked on it. That is why I never commented.
    Isn't the internet wild? That you should be one of my most faithful (and favorite) readers. It makes the most unexpected links between strangers. Wunderbar.

  6. <<<It makes the most unexpected links between strangers. Wunderbar.>>>>

    Marc, is that something like "odd bed fellows". Even at my age I think I can be funny. Bill